About Viva Latin Pop

Welcome to Viva Latin Pop… Your English guide to Latin pop and rock music.

Viva Latin Pop has gone through many stages over the years but the concept remains the same: To bring Latin pop music to English speaking fans.

The idea came in the late 80’s in California when creator, Jenny Morgan, began a fanzine “Estrellas Del Momento” with a snail mail newsletter. The fanzine was very similar to this website with news articles, interviews, and album reviews. The newsletter was a hit and at it’s highest point had over 1000 subscribers. It was all created by hand with scissors, tape, and a typewriter. Some of the subscribers included artists such as Tatiana, Fandango, and members of Microchips.

During the 2 years that we ran “Estrellas Del Momento”, we gained the respect of the record labels such as Fonovisa and CBS Records and were invited press conferences, concerts, and interviews. But when the Jenny moved out of the Los Angeles area and moved to Texas, the fanzine closed down because the industry was completely different in Texas.

As the internet grew, we dabbled in trying to get a new version up and running. We created Pop En Espanol, a digital version of Estrellas Del Momento, in 2003 to bring the music to the fan quicker. As times changed, we played with other mediums such as message board, website, discography sites, etc…but finally decided that the best the site is WordPress based.

In order to grow and find our footing, we changed servers many times and during those times we have lost a few articles, but we are working on adding more and more reviews daily. We have finally finished that last update and site redesign… now we can move forward and continue to grow with site visitors and articles.

In 2018 – We, once again, revamped our site, image, and name… Now, we are Viva Latin Pop! A celebration of Latin pop music.

We also are now looking for other fans, like us, who would like to share their passion with others. If you would like to help and write for us, please visit: WRITE FOR US

Contact: info@popenespanol.com

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