Sergio Lagos – “Solos” (2007)

I first learned about Sergio Lagos on Twitter where I reviewed his most current album, CosmosAfter that, I obtained three other albums from his record label, including his debut album, SOLO.

To go back in time, Sergio began his career as a journalist and then a radio and television personality, and now finally a musician. In 2007, Sergio Lagos released his first album which was mixed by Joe Chiccarelli who had worked in the past with The White Stripes, Tori Amos, and Beck. The level of talent involved with a debut album is incredible and it shows how good the music is as a whole.

Sergio’s album begins with a song called, “33”, which reminds me a little bit like INXS. It is has a very upbeat rock sound that makes you want to get up, bounce around, and sing. But then the music switches gears and becomes this very mellow folk-rock album with a dreamy undertone. The song, “Es Pop” brings the tempo back up again and then we are brought back to a dream-like state. The back and forth of the album keeps it fresh, but can be a tad annoying as I want more music like “33” and “Es Pop”.

There are 13 tracks to the album and about half of them are upbeat, while those songs are intertwined with a dreamy folk feel. Overall, I enjoyed the album as a whole. Of course, there are songs I like more than others and when I combine the songs from this album with my daily listening music, Sergio Lagos’ “SOLO” will be a very good welcome.

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