Kabah Announced New Music Coming This Month

Members of the pop group, Kabah, took to social media to announce first new song in 12 years.

“Por Siempre” is the newest song from the pop-group Kabah which is scheduled to be released June 2, 2017. The members posted various versions of the cover art for the song via social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to announce the new tune.


The recording was kept under wraps as the members of the Mexican Latin pop group didn’t discuss or let on to fans that they went back in the studio. The group, which is now a five-member band instead of six, seem to be excited about the song and hope the fans love the new music.

It has been twelve years since Kabah has released new music. They disbanded in 2005 but recorded a final album that year as a goodbye to all the fans. El Pop, the group’s last album was a re-recording of some of the group’s most popular tracks as well as two brand new songs, “No Me Olivides” and “El Mejor De Los Finales.”

Is Kabah, Kabah without the sixth member of the group? This is a question that fans have asked recently with the departure of Maria Jose from the reunion. Maria Jose (La Josa) took time out of her own solo career to participate in the group’s reunion tour, but the tour continued on longer than anticipated. Maria Jose decided the time was up and she returned to her solo career with her most successful song and album to date.

With Kabah continuing on as a five-member group, we look forward to hearing the group’s new sound. This seems very reminiscent to the return of OV7. Seven members, return for a reunion, then group continues with only five members. The return of OV7 was a smart move for the group, we will see how well this turns out for Kabah without La Josa. Kabah Por Siempre hits streaming and digital platforms tomorrow.

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