Here Comes a Timbiriche Reunion! Timbiriche35 Confirmed!


#timbiriche trended early this morning on Twitter as Ex-Timbiriche member, Erik Rubin announced that there will be a reunion in 2017. This reunion will celebrate the group’s 35th anniversary. Fans anticipated the news since the beginning of the year. Fans have been begging the members to come back to celebrate this milestone.

The Timbiriche reunion has been stated to consist of 30 shows, with dates and locations to come. The line-up has not been announced yet. Erik has gone on to state that scheduling Sasha, Benny, and Paulina would be rough. He has not confirmed that all of the original members will be included, but based on various tweets from Paulina in the past give fans the impression she is ready to return.

Erik Rubin confirmed that the 35th anniversary will be celebrated with a reunion

Sixteen years after the group’s beginning and four years after the group disbanded, original Timbiriche members returned for a successful two-year reunion tour. Then at the twenty-five-year mark, all original members, minus Paulina, returned for a short-lived Timbiriche reunion. Now at thirty-five, fans are wanting a little more than just the same 6-7 people. Petitions for a Paulina/Thalia reunion are running ramped.

The unofficial tour is scheduled for September and according to Erik that they will be announcing it officially soon once they have finalized details. When asked about Thalia, his response was vague. He stated that there were a lot of factors to get everyone together and that they hoped that the Timbiriche reunion will be full of surprises.

Ultimately, fans will have to wait to see who will be a part of the tour. Reunion tours are running ramped at the moment with the 90’s Pop Tour. This Timbiriche reunion has the ability to be historical. Eduardo Capetillo and Edith Marquez, who played major roles in the group’s success, could attract many fans. It would be Thalia that would impact the tour the most. If a Timbiriche 7 reunion happened, I think the world would implode.

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