Sony Music US Latin partners with Landmrk to promote SHAKIRA’s latest album EL DORADO

MIAMI (May 22, 2017) – Sony Music US Latin has teamed up with the location-based experiences platform Landmrk, for the launch of Shakira’s latest album “El Dorado”. By placing digital content in the physical world, in the UK and globally, Landmrk’s platform gives fans of the Colombian superstar the chance to unlock exclusive experiences. The platform allows Sony Music to engage with Shakira’s quarter of a billion social media followers at a local level all over the world.

The album is set for its official release on Friday, May 26th; however, the staggered reveal of the ‘Search For El Dorado’ campaign means fans can now get a first look at never before seen content. The campaign seeks to mobilize one of the biggest social media followings of any music artist in the world – including 2 million UK fans on Facebook – through 890 hotspots across 99 countries.

By logging into Landmrk’s specially designed mobile web platform, fans are able to find local ‘hidden treasure’ hotspots based on their location.

Sony Music has worked with their country-specific labels to find hotspots relevant to Shakira’s local fans. By traveling to one of Landmrk-generated hot spots, they are given the opportunity to unlock album exclusives, behind-the-scenes footage, or even be guided to an exclusive performance by Shakira herself in New York City’s Washington Square Park. Fans are also encouraged to upload their golden selfies to the platform and on social media to ‘turn their city gold’ and share in the experience. Almost 200,000 people have engaged with the platform in the first two days.

“At Sony Music, we’re always looking for innovative new ways to engage with our artists’ followings,” said Ricardo Chamberlain, Digital Marketing Manager at Sony Music US Latin who are leading the campaign. “Having worked with Landmrk before on an award-winning project, we know location campaigns are the ideal way to get fans all over the world actively involved in projects while also providing them with rewards for doing so.”

“Our adaptable platform empowers brands to build something tailored to them and their audiences. It’s ideal for marketers like Ricardo looking to push the boundaries of their global fan engagement,” Seth Jackson, CEO of Landmrk. “Our geo-locational campaigns offer a unique physical dimension to the customer-brand interaction and a more valuable experience for both the users and the marketers hoping to gain insights from them.”

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