Spotlight Artist: Suze

Twitter is a fun place to find new bands and today I found Suze, an indie alt-rock band from Mexico City. The band official was formed in 2016 though tracks available on Spotify tell us a different story with a track dated in 2014. On streaming platforms, you can find four tracks from the band who has been rocking the underground indie scene.

Daniel (drums), Alan (bass), Cristian (guitar) and Allan (vocal) make of the band’s members and their style has been said to be a garage rock. When I think of garage rock, I am thinking more of White Stripes and to me, they don’t fit that sound. At first listen, I would put their style more like INXS. The music is straight rock and roll with an edge to it.

The band’s Twitter account is still promoting “Caminos Diferentes,” which is listed as a track from 2014. It could be a typo though. They are also talking about the song, “Nadie Puede Saber” which is the first song to listen to if you want to check out of the band on Spotify. It hooked me right off the bat and made me want to follow the guys to see what they do in the future.

If you want to experiment with some indie rock, I recommend giving the band, Suze, a chance. I did and I was impressed with the quality of the music and sound. Make me want to give up pop and become a rock fan. Suze can be followed on Twitter at @suzemx

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