Changes…and more changes


Over the past month, there have been some issues that have arose that have required us to make a lot of changes, some for the better and some, not so better. Without going into all the reasons for all the changes, it is sad that they needed to occur.

Among those changes is the biggest change of all… Our name! is now VIVA LATIN POP!

It was a decision that ultimately came down to hosting and moving content and the ability to move forward. Over the years of running PopEnEspanol, many people complained because the site’s name was inferring that it was in Español, when ultimately it was not. The new name suggests the site is now about Latin pop but does not say anything about it being in Spanish.

The other huge issue we had with the move is that none of the photos from all our reviews transferred over with us. This made our website very naked. What could we do?

Instead of letting our reviews just sit out there, we have decided to hide them all until we can clean each of the posts up. This will review old links, update photos, make sure the reviews are up to par, and remove some history that we now chose to separate ourselves from.

Over the past years, we have attempted to make this website bilingual but I strongly believe in the fact that it does not need to be. My first language is English, I am not a true Spanish speaker, so why attempt to use a translator or wait for various people to come around that want to work for the love of music instead of pay.

I believe that blogs are not about making money, ads, or having to be the best website ever. The new Viva Latin Pop is not about trying to be the most popular or become a business. It is a hobby based on the love for the music and nothing more or nothing less.

With that all being said, I welcome you to a new era…

(We will be republishing our previous reviews shortly.)

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