Paula Rojo – “Lo Que Nunca Fue” Single Review

lo_que_nunca_fue-portadaWhen I first became aware of Paula Rojo, I marked this girl as someone to follow. Her first single that I heard was “Miedo A Querer” which is a pop rock track that has great beats and is the perfect pop jam for those people who just want to sing and go crazy. That song couldn’t be better even if you wanted it to be.

Paula Rojo came across my radar again today and I saw that she had a new single. If it was anything like her first, I knew I would be in for a treat. Sadly, it was nothing like the first.

“Lo Que Nunca Fue” embraces the banjo and a solid country influence which takes her out of that pop category that I threw her into. I am not sure where she is falling or where she is planning on going in the future.

Paula Rojo is a Spanish singer-songwriter at 26 years of age that gained popularity on the show “La Voz” and has released various singles including being included on Disney’s We Love Disney Latino. She has stated that she has completed her debut album and this single will be featured on the album.

I can only hope that this is just one song of this style on the album and we can hear more tracks like, “Miedo A Querer” as Paula has a great voice and I can see her being able to hit solid ground in the mass music scene, especially here in the states; but I don’t think it will be able to be achived with the country pop sound she was reaching for.

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