Artist of the Month: Benjamín Amadeo

bk7hxp2kel_720x0Surely, you may know him by his acting career but today he has more to give.

Many years ago, Benjamín Amadeo had been involved with art and music, this year officially begins his musical career and launches his first album, which went on sale this August 2016. It was recorded in Buenos Aires and mixed on the L.A Studios (Igloo Music) and mastered in Reveal Studio in London by Neil Pickles. The album was also produced by himself and 3Musica.

This album has 12 deep songs with pop style and a touch of ballads. The lyrics are totally written and composed by the artist. They have become something fresh and creative.

“Vida Lejana” arrives at the perfect moment, in the moment it should arrive after a long time of composition and attention to every lyric, instrument and melody. It’s a desired album and honest where all the words has sense to me. It’s completely auto-refrential. It’s a place where the word that resonates more is “Liberty”. Comments the artist about his debut album.

With his single “Volaré” opens this album, it recently premiered its video and with this song entered the Top 40 Charts of Los 40 Principales of Argentina at #25.

In the past months, Benja has been able to make his acoustic versions at Coca-Cola FM Event and MusicOn Program singing “10Mil”

“Vida Lejana” a totally recommended album, with very nice music to listen to, acclimate and even sing.

Don´t stop listen to it!

“Vidas Lejanas” is available in the digital platforms  Spotify  and Itunes

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