Tarifa Plana will be promoting on October 6 and 7 in Madrid

Tarifaplana+Danzainvisible021Tarifa Plana will be promoting on October 6 and 7 in Madrid

If you´re a fan of the Malaga group, Tarifa Plana, you will not want to miss their promotion days of their new single “Bipolar”

Javier, Luismi, José María, Samuel and Borja will be presented in Madrid City, giving a concert this 6 and 7 of October in Sala Fulanita de Tal at 21:30hrs.

You can find the tickets here: https://entradium.com/entradas/tarifa-plana-en-madrid

The Andalusian revelation group is arriving first place at Canal Fiesta. Their released their album debut “Despliegue de alas” in 2014, which was recorded in Moby Dick Recording Studio. The album contains twelve songs with a dose of pop and rock with optimistic lyrics.

Tarifa Plana in their career, have had the opportunity to be the official opening act of the Spanish singer, Alejandro Sanz in Spain in 2014. As well as Danza Invisible, Nena, David de Maria, among others. We have to add that they were the winners of National Bands, Starlite Marbella.

Their new single “Bipolar” which was released on September 1st, is considered an energetic and cheerful song. The video has already exceeded 70.000 visits. A catchy, fresh song, that at the second will raise your mood or that depends on you.

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