Bobo Producciones Welcomes Pop Group Pandora





The successful Mexican trio with 31 years of experience, more than 10 million copies sold and 16 albums, formalized its management contract on September 26 with Ari Borovoy and BOBO productions.

“Today, we started to work in a comprehensive way with them. For three years, we have been working with them for press and social networking services. We are very excited and with many ideas in the works. It will start with the release of his new album Christmas with Pandora, which will premiere at the beginning of the month of November. The CD will include 13 songs and 13 videos that fans and the people who grew up with them will love. And we are sure it will become a classic of the season.” Ari Borovoy said during their signing.

The members of Pandora feel very excited by this new stage in their career. Their love for singing and being on stage will now be in the hands of a young avant-garde company. Bobo Producciones experience will carry this musical project to the next level. They also will continue with the quality of music that is characteristic of Pandora that has lasted them three decades.

The group will continue with their successful tour of touring various cities in Mexico. Soon,  Isabel, Mayte and Fernanda will announce next plans for the trio with that will surely surprise their followers through their social networks.

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