Atacados & Lucia Gil – “Hasta que salga el sol” Single Review

Listen to the new single of Atacados with the collaboration of Lucia Gil

ATACADOS-hasta-que-salga-el-solIn 2007, Atacados, originally from Madrid, joined together to create a pop band. Arturo (guitar), Jesús (bass), Luis (voice) and Iván (drums) are in their twenty to thirty, young and good-looking and are a lot of fun.

As a pop band, they have been growing so fast and are looking for new goals to fulfill. Between 2009 and 2011, without a recording contract, were very successful in social networks and media with their first two EPs. They also shared the stage with several top acts like Auryn, Rasel, Lagarto Amarillo, Roberto Ramirez, among others. They traveled a nice rotation of main cities in Spain and its surroundings.

With their 2004 single, “Quiero Estar Contigo” (I wanna be with you), they managed to get airplay on Cadena 100 and lists of several other radios station in Spain. Also, they were interviewed with 40 Principales Espana, Neox, SER Madrid, El Mundo, Events Europa FM and more. The single was a collaboration of Rasel and was the hit grabbed everyone’s attention.

“Hasta que salga el sol” attacks for the summer anthem 2016

This year, Atacados begin a more mature stage in their career, They released the first single from their upcoming album, “Felicidad” (Happiness) and “Hasta Que Salga el Sol” (Until sunrise) along with the spanish singer Lucia Gil.

Listening to the single “Hasta Que Salga el Sol,” gives you the idea of being a Summer Hit, but of course it is. With the video being filmed on the beach, the ocean, and boats, it is impossible not to stand up and dance, or at least move your feet along the rhythm of the cheerful melody. Super Summer video! It applies to all situations, at home, at the beach with friends, perfect to get in the mood and enjoy the day.

Follow them on Twitter at @atacadosoficial and Lucía Gil @LuciaGil_Gil

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