Ana Mena – “Se Fue” Single

Ana Mena tells a story of summer love with her new single “Se Fue”

Considered the Spanish Megan Trainor, Ana Mena returns to conquer Latin America and Europe with her new single “Se Fue.” On September 9, the official music video esa released and it tells a story of summer love with a pop-soul rhythm.

Her debut single, “No Soy Como Tu Crees” (I am Not How You Think) has more than 5 million plays on Spotify, and more than 4 million views on VEVO. These are two singles from her upcoming first album that will be released at the end of the year. The album is still currently untitled.

If you don’t know much about this young Spanish singer, we have the details.

She was born in Malaga, a part of southern Spain. Since she was very little has been involved in music. She sung flamenco and began her career as an artist in the program Menuda Noche. At the age of 18, she launched as a soloist, making her music from a mix of pop-soul with influences from the 60s decade. At 13 years old, she was the winner of My Camp Rock 2, a musical contest on Disney Channel. After that, Ana Mena recorded a music video “Voy A Brillar” as the theme main of the film “La Fabulosa Aventura De Sharpay,” which was a triumph for the singer.

In terms of performance, Ana is an actress also. In 2010, She took the role of Vero in the series, Supercharly and in 2013, she gave life to the role of Paula in “Vive Cantando.” On the big screen, series and the 2013 gave life to Paula at live singing. On the big screen, Ana Mena debuted in the film, “The Skin I Live,” alongside Antonio Banderas, as the character Norma as a young girl.

Today, her fans know Ana is focused on her musical career, extending her musical training in voice, piano, and dance to give the fans something more professional.

Anna, if you read this review: we can’t wait to have your first album and enjoy it full!

What will the name of the album be? Write your ideas in our comments.

Follow Ana Mena on Twitter as @AnaMenaMusic

Don’t forget to follow the vlog of Ana Mena facebook, where up to now has the participation of Critika and Lali Espósito.

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