Dani Martin releases new album “La Montaña Rusa”

Dani Martín New Album Is Available La Montaña Rusa

PORTADA2016MIAMI (September 23, 2016) – With an album title like La Montaña Rusa (The Roller Coaster) and its evocative cover art, it’s no surprise that the music on Dani Martín’s latest album is an emotional whirlwind. Portrayed as boxer in the ring, he is pictured just as he raises his guard to defend against his opponent’s punches. It’s a visual metaphor for an album that isn’t afraid to deal with pain. Specifically, the pain of failed relationships, an ache that can stay with us for a long time. This universal pain that knocks us to the canvas and makes us lose our bearings.

From there, he takes us to the aftermath, of picking up the pieces and getting on with life in the best way we know how. As a composer, he has the gift of unpacking relationships through his songs that examine what happened and search for an explanation, or at least catharsis.

That’s exactly what Dani Martín has accomplished on his third studio album as a solo artist, La Montaña Rusa. It’s songwriting as an act of exorcising the negative. For these sessions, he wrote over 20 songs. Although he as often showed his vulnerable side throughout his 20-year musical career, these are some of his most wrenching works yet. Sharing them wasn’t easy, but he finally selected 11 of his compositions, plus one other song written by his fellow Spanish rocker Leiva, to go on the record. The result is his most mature, solid and well-rounded album to date.

To make sure that his compositions communicated exactly what he wanted them to, both lyrically and musically, he spent months working on them with the musicians in his band, chiefly Iñaki García (keyboards) and Paco Salazar (guitars). He also worked on a song with Jimbo Barry (known for his work with The Script) and singer David Carrasco. These collaborations have added a powerful force to the material, infusing the uptempo songs with a live, alt-rock atmosphere, while giving the gorgeous ballads an epic sheen. Befitting the rock influence, the guitars are allowed free rein to express themselves as well.

Dani Martín‘s longtime producer Bori Alarcón is back on La Montaña Rusa. He conjured up Dani‘s vision of a classic-rock sound with contemporary, incandescent touches that serve as an intriguing counterpoint to the dark lyrics. It’s clear that a band was playing together and working out effective arrangements, including strings on some tracks. Dani believes in teamwork, and his team comprises some of music’s best: Coki Giménez (drums), Paco Salazar (guitars), Iñaki García (keyboards), producer Bori Alarcón (synth) and the legendary rock-en-Español bass player Mr. Candy Caramelo. This quintet recorded its tracks live in the studio, and understood instinctively how to make each song sound the best it could.

Recording took place at the mythical Abbey Road Studios, which continues to be a magnet for Beatles fans, including Dani himself. Committed to creating an album worthy of the studio in which it was created, Dani and his team made sure every detail sounded exactly the way it was supposed to, and that none of the material could be considered filler. The perfect setting for an artist at the peak of his powers.

The pre-production sessions were so fruitful that Dani had a tough time selecting what should go on the album. But the tracks fell into place in such a way that La Montaña Rusa is an album that is best appreciated with a beginning-to-end listening session, just like the classics of the genre. It opens with the magnetic rock of “Las Ganas” (The Longing), and progresses to the lightness of “Ahora” (Now), which features a surprise lyrical ending. In between, we can enjoy the dramatics of “Los Charcos” (The Puddles), the fragility of “París” and “Dibujas” (You Draw), a ballad that gives the listener goosebumps. “Paloma” (Dove) contrasts aggressive guitars with lovely strings, while “Nada Más que Tú” (Only You) rocks out and cites his fellow Spanish rockers Leiva and Quique González. Strings make a return on the timeless ballad “Que Se Mueran de Envidia” (Let Them Die of Envy) and “Guerra de Pasos” (War of Steps), a majestic, heartbreaking take on longing. The energy is contagious on “Romperás” (You’ll Break) and “Pelear” (Fight).

These 12 songs deal with pain and rage, passion and hope. They make up a coherent whole, an album in the truest sense of the word. As an epilogue, the 12th track, a “gift from Leiva,” is the song “Madrid, Madrid, Madrid,” which he wrote for Dani as they talked about his recent personal ups and downs and the material that he was working on. It’s the perfect gem to complete the artistic jewel that is La Montaña Rusa. An artisanal piece that is crafted with affection, enthusiasm and feeling. Realizing how special this record is, Dani Martín gives his most memorable and expressive vocal performance. The boxer lets down his guard, knowing the risk. Even though he doesn’t know if the ending will be positive, he takes his chances. He keeps his eyes on the prize and goes for greatness. There’s no doubt that Dani Martín has recorded a master work that will set the standard for other artists for years to come.



  1. Las Ganas
  2. Los Charcos
  3. París
  4. Paloma
  5. Dibujas
  6. Nada Más Que Tú
  7. Que Se Mueran de Envidia
  8. Romperás
  9. Guerra de Pasos
  10. Pelear
  11. Ahora
  12. Madrid, Madrid, Madrid


Documental de grabación en estudios Abbey Road.

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