Abraham Mateo launches his video “Mueve” with Lali Espósito

“Mueve,” the new video of Abraham Mateo released on September 22 worldwide!

After republishing the album, “Are You Ready?” in a special edition, which will launch on October 7th on digital platform,  Abraham Mateo releases a new video.  “Mueve” is a collaboration with the Argentine singer, Lali Espósito, who has a great influence on the young music fans. The video was globally launched at 10pm in Spain.

Until a few days ago, the young singers Abraham and Lali Espósito, shared on their social networks small previews of the video until today. A few hours after the premiere, “Mueve” surpasses 160,000 plays, and has become one of the first 10 global trends in social networking. Also, was at the Top of iTunes, taking first positions in Spain, Israel and Switzerland.

The video takes the shape of a spy thriller film, which was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both performers play secret agents that arrive in the early morning hours to a private party. Abraham meets Lali, who is a seductive and sexy scam artist. Lali captivated the viewers with her sexy moves. It’s a great performance together with both artists under the choreography of Matías Napp.

We believe that the incredible video of the Spanish singer will become a worldwide success. It has everything to be world-class, including it’s translation into English. IT’S ON FIRE!

Don’t miss the new video of Abraham Mateo featuring Lali Espósito that is buring up the social networks!

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