Versilia, the group from Madrid launches their second album “Luces”

versiliaThe pop-rock group born in Madrid “Versilia” is formed by Rocío Medina (vocals), Jorge Navarro (guitar), and Javier Gonzalez (bass), started in 2010 under another name. It wasn’t until 2011 when they decided to boost their music career with the release of their first album, Mecánica Celeste. Consisting of 12 songs by Océando Music, the album was released in 2012. The band’s album was produced by Iker Arranz (Celtas Cortos, Atacados, etc). In the 2013, they launch their first single “No Quiero” (I Don’t Want) and the following year, “Lágrimas de Cristal” (Crystal Tears) that has more than 50,000 reproductions in Spotify.

Versilia will start their concert tour in the club, Moby Dick, in Madrid.

With a combination of ballads and upbeat track and deep lyrics, they began to work on their second album in 2015. The melodies are accompanied by the sweet voice of Rocio Medina. Luces is the title of the second album of Versilia. The album will again be produced by Iker Arranz. The thirteen tracks from Luces are completely pop-indie with renewed sounds and begins with “Nunca más volveremos a París” (Never Will We Return To Paris), a ballad talking about heartbeark.

“Ángel” is the first single from Luces. In the music video, the band from Madrid includes some of their followers, who were invited by social networks. The video was recorded in the theatre AZarte in Madrid and interpreted by the dancer, Ana Del Rey Guerra. In addition, the album contains some collaborations, Alex Riquelme (musician) and the singer, Rocío Pavón, record a female duet with the song “Tú” (You).

On November 21, 2015, Versilia presented the new album at  Moby Dick in Madrid. They are listed as one of the most promising bands of the moment.

In December of the same year, the Grupo de Medios Viva Colombia selects Versilia as “Best International Artists” of 2015.

With Luces, Versilia will be in FNAC Callao in Madrid on October 27 and November 21 at Moby Dick in Madrid to kick off their tour. The tour already has dates confirmed in several cities in Spain.

Now you can download Luces in the platforms of iTunes, Android market and Spotify.

Also you can listen them in your web site official

Follow Versilia in their social networks: Twitter @VersiliaMusic Facebook VersiliaMusic Instagram @versiliamusic an in the channel of  Youtube @VersiliaMusic

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