OV7 brings 25K fans in Coyoacan to screams




The members of OV7 offered a special concert in downtown Coyoacan, Mexico to celebrate the holidays (Mexican Independence Day) before more than 25,000 people. Everyone gathered and waited hours before the presentation of the group which started around 11:30 o’clock in the evening to the rhythm of “No Es Obsesión” (Not An Obsession).

The group thanked the fans for their attendance by performing some of the most popular hit of the group’s career. The highlight of the show was when the group performed a popurri of traditional Mexican songs to celebrate their “fiestas patrias” and the fans couldn’t resist helping the members sing along and show their patriotic support.

OV7 will continue with the tour next group Kabah. They performed on September 20th at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. On October 14, the two groups will be in Monterrey but not before performing at the Palenque de Pachuca the night before, then again will return to Mexico City for more high energy performances.

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