La Oreja De Van Gogh – “Verano” Single Review


La Oreja De Van Gogh Verano hopes to grab the band’s original fanbase with new song


Coming off their success of the Primera Fila album success, the Spanish band, La Oreja De Van Gogh is ready to present a new set of songs straight from the studio. The first single, “Verano,” is a contemporary pop track that older members of their fanbase will enjoy.

I am finding the sound for La Oreja De Van Gogh to be so very similar to that of the band’s early released such as “Rosas” and “La Playa.” The music and sound keeps with the group’s image, sadly it is a sound that is over ten years old. La Oreja doesn’t seem to be growing.

The band lost their original singer, Amaia Montero, in 2007 to allow herself to pursue a solo career. The musicians decided to continue on by finding another female vocalist. Their choice was Leire Martínez, who’s voice is so much like Amaia’s that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. But the public could tell and the band’s success has never been as high as it was during Amaia’s time with the group.

This is something I am not sure I understand why. If the public liked the music and the voices were so similar, why didn’t the band’s popularity not continue? It’s not like Amaia, as a soloist, has reached massive success on her own.

The group’s “primera fila” concert gave fans one of the best singles of the group’s history. “El Primer Día del Resto de mi Vida” is such a great pop song that surpasses almost all of the group’s best songs. And it is such a fun song to sing. Now, the group is giving the music world a new studio album and “Verano” was chosen to best represent the upcoming album.

“Verano” is a fun little song that takes us back to the early era of the band. As I mentioned before, it’s sound reminds me of being on the album, Lo que te conté mientras te hacías la dormida. If the group would have taken the sound from “El Primer Día del Resto de mi Vida,” I think it would have a chance at major success. As it is, I think the band is hoping that its original fanbase will come back. Me too. I would like to see La Oreja back on top.

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