Maria Jose – “Habla Ahora” Single Review

Maria Jose “Habla Ahora” drops on streaming services this past weekend.


The last time we talked about Maria Jose on the site, we reviewed the first single from the Mexican singer’s upcoming album. “Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda” grew on us and we gave the single a good review. Even Maria Jose, herself, commented on our review. She let us know a little hint about the style of music coming up. Now, the second single is upon us. “Habla Ahora” was released this past weekend on all digital platforms, though it was released on the radio a few weeks ago.

The song has been playing on the radio, for those who still listen to radio. I know I do not. She also has been performing the song during her most recent shows, but I didn’t peek at those videos either. I wanted to my first listen to be high-quality and available for me to be one with the song. Over the years, Maria Jose has slowly been creeping up into my number one slot of “all-time favorite singer.” It was with “Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda” and “La Josa Grito” that allowed her to still the number one spot from Patricia Manterola, who has had that spot for me since 1990.

With superb vocals, classic pop music, add bachata and Maria Jose “Habla Ahora” is the ultimate Latin pop song.

For those who have not heard of “La Josa Grito,” you are missing out on one of the best videos ever recorded. During Maria Jose’s last concert with the Kabah reunion, she belted out a note that lasted well over a minute. It was such an impressive moment that even Kalimba bowed down to the queen of vocal chords. Maria Jose keeps getting better with each year and every song.

When I sat down with “Habla Ahora” on Friday, I found myself a tad disappointed when I heard bachata. I needed to give myself more time with the song in order to appreciate it. Sadly, Latin pop music is going more and more to influences from the strong influences of the culture. It is something that fans of traditional pop music will have to get used to and slowly I have been embracing these Latin flavors. Take away the music, Maria Jose’s vocals are spot on. She continues to get stronger with each song. Add the pop music without the bachata undertones that start at the first chorus. It is a great pop song. Not too fast, but definitely not a ballad. Now, add the instruments that are typical for bachata styles, and this is what makes it LATIN pop. She’s got it!

Bravo Maria Jose. I can’t wait to see what is next up. The new album is slated to be released in October, so I doubt we will get another single before the album is dropped. Until then, check out Maria Jose “Habla Ahora” on Spotify.

You can follow Maria Jose on Twitter at @lajosa

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