Fey – “Amo” Single Review


Fey “Amo” dropped this past weekend and is first single to new studio album


After four years and two albums of live music, Fey is back in the studio for more new music for her fans. She released her first single, “Amo” on digital platforms. It seems that Fey is still working indie as the song was released by Gil Gil Producciones. Sad that after two successful live albums that Sony Music did not release this single. We will see how it goes with future releases.

Fey has always been an icon with teens, and now loyal fans and the gay community. She produces such great music that is perfect for the club scenes. This is her crowd and Fey “Amo” stayed loyal to the genre and fans.

The music is powerful and the lyrics grab you quickly. It’s a song that pop music fans will love to sing along with because it has everything you could want. Fey’s is back people and it is damn time that the music world sees it. We don’t need Fey to continue to sing “Media Naranja” just to be Fey. Her adult sound and style makes Fey a relevant part of pop music today.

I think Fey “Amo” will get her back on the charts again. You can follow Fey on Twitter at @officialfey and check out her new single on Spotify.


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