Lali Esposito releases her new video BOOMERANG

Lali Esposito releases her new video BOOMERANG And has achieved 100k views in just 5 hours


The Argentine actress and singer released her new video Boomerang, second single of her second Album “Soy”. Lali has shared small advances trough her Instagram account where it can be seen a lot of transformations, going from brunette to blonde, female to male, humor and with the society´ appearances.

Today was the day to end the suspense and mystery and the video was released. Lali not only has showed her beauty, her talent for dance alone and escorted by a group of dancers, but also is very frequent humor. Referring to the lyrics, Lali mocks and laughs at fame, her behaviors in the press and situations in society.

With different characters of society, shows how they consume as true information media and social networks, she makes the whole video like a parody.

Facing with these situations, the teen idol warns that everything returns like a boomerang. As the songs says “Basta de hablar y de hablar, deja de mentir y lastimar, si todo vuelve BOOMERANG”.

Do not miss the huge success of the new video #Boomerang of the incredible Lali Esposito on Youtube #BoomerangOnVevo

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