Ricardo Arjona releases his highly anticipate album


MIAMI (July 28, 2016) – The GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY®-winning Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona presents APAGUE LA LUZ Y ESCUCHE (Turn Out the Light and Listen), the most personal album of his career. It features his characteristically riveting music and vivid storytelling, presented in an acoustic concept centered on guitar and vocals.

The 16 tracks of APAGUE LA LUZ Y ESCUCHE are recorded unplugged-style. It contains three new compositions and 13 acoustic reworkings of Ricardo Arjona’s best-known hits, songs that millions of Latin-music lovers know and cherish.

Ricardo Arjona’s Apague La Luz Y Escuche releases worldwide on today

Track List:
1. Adiós Melancolía (Goodbye Melancholy)
2. Te Acuerdas de Mi (Carta No. 2) (You Remember Me, Letter No. 2)
3. Quesos, Cosas, Casas (Cheeses, Things, Houses)
4. Para Bien o Para Mal (For Better or For Worse, featuring Buena Fe)
5. Lo Poco Que Queda de Mí (What Little is Left of Me)
6. *Nada Es Como Tú (Nothing Is Like You)
7. Asignatura Pendiente (Subject Pending)
8. *Malena
9. Que Nadie Vea (Let No One See)
10. A la Medida (Perfect Fit)
11. *Su Menester (Its Purpose)
12. Cisnes (Swans)
13. Duerme (Sleep)
14. Caudillo
15. De Vez en Mes (Once a Month)
16. Mi Novia Se Me Está Poniendo Vieja (My Bride Is Getting Old On Me, featuring Carlos Varela)
* New composition

“NADA ES COMO TÚ” is the first single from the album. Ricardo Arjona released it last month on his Internet platform, where it was downloaded over 100,000 times in less than a minute. Demand was so great that it caused his site to temporarily go offline. Listeners are enjoying this song’s simplicity, which opens itself to many interpretations, all of which are valid.

The videos for “NADA ES COMO TÚ” have accumulated nearly 5 million views on VEVO/YouTube.

APAGUE LA LUZ Y ESCUCHE finds Ricardo Arjona once again circumventing the industry production and promotion machines while appealing directly to his fans with his authentic, acoustic sensibility.

After concluding a tour that was attended by over 2 million spectators, he retreated to a quiet place with his lifelong companion, his guitar, to give us what is undoubtedly the most authentic record of his career.

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