Kid pop group LEMONGRASS on a strong step to success


México City, July 20, 2016 – Members of LemonGrass had a week full of important achievements for their career. They had their first autograph signing, last Friday July 15th at Plaza Satelite. More that 500 “Lemoners” convened to enjoy their appearance and chanted with their songs.

The septet played for their followers the songs “Baila Sin Miedo,” and “Mi Mundo Gira Contigo.” They also performed a “Medley” from OV7 and Kabah. Another favorite was “Y que,” and their single “Emily Taught Me To Fly.” The kids were surprised by the big turnout that they had and thanked the Lemoners, who bought their album to get their signatures and pictures.

Last Saturday, they were guest of honor for Morris Gilbert and Best Theatre to sponsor the new children’s play “ScoobyDoo.” The play will be presented during the holiday period at the Banamex Theater. Members enjoyed themselves and thanked Morris for being the godparents of his new work.

Lemoners show up in support of LemonGrass at festivals and album signings

Despite their short career, LemonGrass was one of the special guests at OYE Anniversary. The festival took place last weekend at the Pepsi Center. They shared the stage with artists like Sasha, Benny and Erik, and Jeans. Also attended were Rio Roma and Natalia Lafourcade. They even received the famous kick of luck for being their first radio festival.

Nathan, Jelly, Ivanna, Yael, Emmliano, Sophie and Paula thanked to Arturo Forzàn and the radio station OYE for the opportunity to be invited to their Anniversary concert. LemonGrass performed the songs “Mi Mundo Gira Contigo” and “Emily Taught Me To Fly.” Both songs were received well by the audience.

To close their great week, the members celebrated the 2 million views on YouTube. The lyric video of “Mi Mundo Gira Contigo” has been extremely popular. Along with their other videos, their official channel has over 4.4 million views. Each of their other videos have 300K views in the first month of release.

The kids of LemonGrass will continue with the promotion of their album CD + DVD. August 4th, there will be another signing at MixUp Galerias in Queretaro. Then they will present in other cities with mini-shows and album signings.

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