Carlos Sadness sells out second show at Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional


Spanish Singer and musician Carlos Sadness will visit Mexico for the first time with his shows next October 5-6.

Carlos Sadness is causing a total euphoria in México. It was not enough to sell out the tickets of his first show at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, “El Lunario” (October 6th) but again, getting another sell out for his second concert in this forum (Wednesday, October 5th) with a record time of 25 minutes.

The tickets sale began Monday 25th of July at the 11:00 am, and it was done only through Ticketmaster, not in the Auditorio Nacional box office. Undoubtedly, the first visit to the country by the Spanish Artist will be an anthology and a milestone in his career. The high expectation of the Mexican fans to see him live reflected on Twitter. He became the main trending topic, not only when he announced his visit, but again with his new achievement of the second sold out show at the “El Lunario.”
Musician, singer and hyper-creative illustrator, Carlos Sadness can raise the dead with only one of his electrifying concerts. His career started ten years ago. When he posted a song on the internet that went viral until 2012, he introduced his first album “Ciencias Celestes” with the hand of Sony Music. In the same year, he starred with Jamie Cullum, reaching thousands of Spaniards with his danceable and emotional songs.

Now coming to Mexico to conquer a new set of fans and present his work for the first time. His most recent album, “La Idea Salvaje” is a play about the transition from night to day, telling with and organic fusion between electronic and natural elements, such as tribal percussions. ¡Welcome to the wild word of Carlos Sadness!

2 million listeners can not be wrong about Carlos Sadness and his music.

His visit to México was a dream that he had failed to realize, despite having received requests for a long time.

La Idea Salvaje places Sadness as one of the most successful artists in the indie pop music, among the eight most followed on the social network. He also has been present at some of the most popular music festivals, such as Arenal Sound, Cruilla, Low Festival, Sonorama and Santander Music. He leaves a toll of more than 20 sold outs in places such as But or Barceló Theater in Madrid, Apollo Music Hall in Barcelona and La Lopez in Zaragoza.

The album was recorded in Barcelona and post-produced in Glasgow. It was number 1 in FNAC, number 12 in the Promusicae sales chart and the single “Que Electricidad” was considered one of the most popular tracks of 2015 with 2 million listeners in Spotify. Also, a treat is the song, “No Vuelvas a Japòn” with Santi Balmes, the voice of Love of Lesbian. La Idea Salvaje is a conceptual album that tells a story marked by a trip to outer space, which discovered through each song.

Lyrics full of poetry, imagination, metaphors and above all, personality accompanied by a cutting edge sound, influenced by Vampire Weekend, Crystal Fighters or Two Door Cinema Club, undoubtedly it is the most likely work of Sadness.

In 2009, the newspaper, “El País” placed Sadness as “one of the faces of the year”, after the success of his published songs on the internet. Starting from there, he participated in a tour with Bebe and created an indie album tribute to Antonio Vega.

In 2012, he released his first album, “Ciencias Celestes.” The single, “Hoy es el dìa” exceeded one million listeners and was used in a Spring TV campaign for Walmart in the USA. Sadness is also an illustrator and end of the year he will publish his first book with the published Lunwerg / Planeta de Agostini.

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