Fabulosos 90’s – “Azucar Amargo” Single Review

t316042392-b1102035875_s400Fey gets covered by Fabulosos 90’s with new single, “Azucar Amargo.”

Why are this group of 3 guys and a girl covering Fey’s most famous song, “Azucar Amargo?” This is Los Fabulosos 90’s and that’s what they do…they are a cover band. Meet the Fabulosos 90’s, Mexico’s favorite 90’s cover band featuring a cast of characters from other famous groups from the nineties.

Let’s start with the most famous of the quartet. Rene was a member of the famous group, Kabah. Alexa spent time with the girl trio, Pinn. Roy is from the boy bands Roll and RZZI (Ragazzi). And finally, Luigi is from the boy band, Tierra Cero. With the four members of the group, Fabulosos 90’s was created to celebrate the music of that era.

With a lot of artists like Fey, Maria Jose, and Patricia Manterola having successful cover albums, it was just a matter of time that a pop group of this type would form. Mexican rock group, Moderatto also began as a cover band and then turned into something much more evolved.

When the group formed in 2013, they released their first album which covered each of the bands that the members were in as well as some other favorite tracks. Now, they returned to the studio to release a new single. Fey’s “Azucar Amargo” is one of the most famous iconic songs from the decade.

Fabulosos 90’s embraces the nineties sound with a close similarity to Fey’s original version of “Azucar Amargo.”

Fabulosos 90’s tries to keep the sound from the decade without swaying too much from the original version. And while the song sounds good, there is something about F90 that might not be what will make the group a growing success. There is a nostalgia theme running rampant now, and it is exciting to see all these groups we loved in reunion tours. Most people would rather listen to the originals rather than a cover…unless you change it to today’s sounds like people like Moderatto and Maria Jose have done. With the Fab90’s, the group feels like a night of Karaoke with friends. They have fun with the songs and their bubbly style have been what has been keeping the group in the spotlight.

The concept of Fabulosos 90’s is a good one. I know they are trying to embrace the 90’s and the sounds from that time. It will be interesting to see how long the group plans on keeping the 90’s alive. I think that maybe a little of today’s spin would not hurt the band’s intent at all and can bring the songs of then to the music fans of today. The members of Feb90’s have been all over the television, and their promotion has kicked into high gear, and that has helped their fan base grow.

You can join the party that is Los Fab 90’s on Twitter at @Fab90s as well as its members: @lolore_alexa@LuigiBalestra@Rene_Ortiz, and @roypizarro

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