Leiva – “Guerra Mundial” Single Review

13725533_647118535442416_659340045_nGet ready for Leiva’s Monstruos with another new single

This morning, I woke up to another new single by Leiva called, “Guerra Mundial” (World War). This song is the second single released from the upcoming third album. The previous single, “Sincericido” came out last month.

The band’s third album Monstruos is estimated to be published at the end of next month. If the two first single are any indication of what is to come, Leiva will be on my list of new music to purchase.

“Sincericido” received 4.5 stars from us last month. We stated, “The song “Sincericido” has a pleasing sound and if you are a fan of the 90’s alt-rock scene, Leiva will be right up your alley.” This sound is still something we hear with the new single, “Guerra Mundial.”

Leiva “Guerra Mundial” continues with a similar sound with hopes in continues through on the upcoming album

With Leiva “Guerra Mundial,” I like this song even more than the previous. It’s has a terrific beat, and the chorus is catchy. Musically, the song still holds a classic rock vibe that most everyone likes.

With the release of the single on streaming platforms, they used the upcoming album cover instead of a separate one for “Guerra Mundial.” Next month, we hope to be able to review the entire album. Based on some research, the upcoming album’s track listing is as follows:

1.El último incendio – 3:57
2.Guerra mundial – 4:05
3.Sincericidio – 4:11
4.Breaking bad – 4:18
5.Dejándose caer – 4:08
6.La lluvia en los zapatos – 3:41
7.Hoy tus ojos – 3:47
8.Monstruos – 4:04
9.Electricidad – 4:03
10.Medicina – 4:05
11.San Sebastián – Madrid – 4:14
12.Palermo no es Hollywood – 3:07

I alway list things as tentative until the album is released because things can change. Meanwhile, follow Leiva on Twitter like we do at @Leiva_Oficial

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