Espanto – “El Tigre Y Yo” Single Review


Espanto returns with odd new little single

This morning, we found that many of the rock zines that we follow were talking about Espanto and their return with a new single. This new single, “El Tigre Y Yo” is a follow up to their 2012 release, Rock’n Roll.

I know nothing about this band and couldn’t even find them on Twitter to research. And since the music has been mentioned by fellow rock critics, I thought I would take a listen.

We know that Espanto is a duet formed by Teresa (vocals) and Luis (piano, guitar) and is supplemented by Raul Fraile (drums) and Genís Segarra (arrangements, synthesizer).

The song is odd, and that is being nice about it. I am unsure of how to classify their music, but I tend to think it is an atmospheric pop-rock with techno samples. It is bizarre; I can say that for sure. I listen to a lot of music daily, and Espanto happens to be unique. It’s 80’s video game samples mid-song add to the techno vibe and break up the melancholy sound throughout.

The band’s previous album contains the same monotone sound that makes the music either something I want to slit my wrists to or meditate. I haven’t decided if I like it, though. After a handful of listens, I am still on the fence. Maybe with a full listen to the band’s previous album, I can make a decision to own them or not.

The single is released by Austrohúngaro and is the first single from Espanto’s upcoming album, “Fruta Y Verdura.” Judge the music for yourself with the single on Spotify.

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