Ruzzi – “Dime” Single Review

4838f9185b345f7388ce75312dcc9a2f0b5faae1New artist, Ruzzi opens are eyes to the single, “Dime.”

We found out about the artist, Ruzzi because she opened for Leon Larregui at the Teatro Metropolitan this past week. What we heard from the singer is a single entitled, “Dime.”

Marian Ruzzi, or just Ruzzi, has been busy opening for modern artists like Leon on his Voluma Tour, but also for Natalia Lafourcade. Nice that she was able to reach these US markets with the tours. Let’s see if this can get other’s to open their eyes to this new artist. Marian has plans for a show in Columbia this month too.

The track, “Dime” has already done well for itself on streaming services. Over 300K plays on Spotify is terrific for a song that has only been out since May.

Marian is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Mexico, who is no stranger to music. She worked with Natalia Lafourcade on the singers last two albums, among others. Now she has branched out on her own as the artist Ruzzi.

The song reminds me a lot of what we have been hearing with Natalia Lafourcade at the moment. Ruzzi uses a lot of string instruments to create a beautiful ambiance for the single. “Dime” is a fantastic song that I am sure will do well for her. Marian states that “Dime” might not be the most fun song nor the “hit” off the upcoming album. She says it does describe her feelings at the moment, and it was inspired by a dream.

We look forward to hearing more for Marian soon. Meanwhile, follow her on Twitter at @marianruzzi and give her single a listen.

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