Lali Esposito Releases Official Video, “Soy”

Cm92f0pVYAAYIrNAs a result of her professionalism, commitment, and talent, Lali has achieved the title of the most prominent pop artist from Argentina and one of the most important, sought and followed throughout Latin America.

After having come from a long acting and musical journey, Lali arrives in 2016 with her second album SOY. She defined it herself as the album of her dreams. Lali admits that the thirteen songs on this album are honest and transparent. They describe her intimate stories, approaching anyone who will listen to their thoughts and emotions. With this album, Lali shows as she is without armor, and she is grateful for the life she has lived and the people around her including her followers.

Such is the impact of Lali with her music that she has succeeded in countries like Perú, Ecuador, Chile, and Spain. This month, she´ll travel to Paraguay and México for the promotion of her album.

Days ago, Lali surprised critics and thousands of fans by suddenly releasing the video of the song “SOY.” With almost half a million visits, it has been entirely successful, not only in Argentina but also internationally.

With a contagious rhythm, the video is fully consistent with the lyrics of this very emotional song. “SOY” talks about what she always wanted to be and now she is. The song tells about how it was the trajectory of her feelings while she was living her dream. The video shows part of her childhood with how she danced in front of the mirror dancing and singing. “SOY” also has its sensual part where she gives us incredible choreography. She mixed different types of dance and lighting while presenting her professional dancers and musicians. We can also listen to the fusion of various musical genres such as pop, dance, and disco, transmitting to her audience different emotions.

She has been making her dream come true since she was ten years old, taking small steps but without stopping. She works on her musical projects and collaborates with her musical and production team “3Musica” who supported her from the beginning.

Lali, a successful and incredibly talented young woman, doesn’t forget who she is. She is humble and happy with her feet on the ground. She has the support of her family and friends who are enjoying and sharing every moment.

“I FEEL IT LIKE THE END OF THE BEGINNING, NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE END,” she said before her last show of the tour, “A Bailar.”

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