Meet Pablo Dazan and his song “Quererte Asi”

Cm277YWVUAAuodTColumbian singer-songwriter, Pablo Dazan dazzles fans with second single, “Quererte Asi.”

Meet Pablo Dazan, an up and coming singer-songwriter from Columbia, who has the chops to swoon the ladies with his music. Pablo is part of the new generation of Columbia’s that are taking the world by storm. Columbia, which urban music dominated, now has had a resurgence of fresh music.

Pablo considers himself to fall in the pop ballad genre, even though he thinks pop music is repetitive. He assures his critics that his music will be different and will consist of three main elements: a catchy melody, lyrics that tell a story, and music with a message.

He left Columbia five years ago but has returned with two songs under his belt. His first single, “Fue Tan Solo Un Beso” (It Was Only A Kiss), is a romantic ballad with an upbeat chorus. His voice is powerful enough to capture the hearts of young fans. His second single, “Quererte Asi” (To Love You So), reaches a faster pop melody. Both tracks have the potential of becoming hits on their own.

The song, “Quererte Asi” was written by Pablo and produced by Mauricio Gasca, who has worked with artists including Ricky Martin and Paulina Rubio. Curt Schneider mixed the album, and he has had his hands on artists such as Carlos Vives and La Ley. With masters such as them behind him, Pablo Dazan is destined to have a least one hit for him. Fans of Pablo will have to wait until the first semester of 2017 before the full album is released.

Meanwhile, you can follow Pablo Dazan on Twitter (like we are) at @PabloDazan and check out the two singles on Spotify.

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