iLe premieres video for “Te Quiero Con Bugalu”


MIAMI (July 7th, 2016) – Ileana “iLe” Cabra has just premiered the music video for “Te Quiero con Bugalú” (I Love You With Boogaloo). This sound is the second single from her debut album iLevitable. As the title makes clear, the classic 1960s style of boogaloo is back on this retro-inspired song overflowing with sensuality and rhythmic heat.

The video narrates the story of a woman born in the early Baby-Boom era who makes a connection with her partner through music and dance. She expresses her carnal desires to him under the condition that their relationship is only to be based on their musical passions, as it becomes apparent that they aren’t meant to live together as a couple.

iLe notes that she is pleased with how the video turned out: “As a team, we are very satisfied and content that the video tells the story that we had in mind. This project was surrounded by positive energy, and there was a real connection among everyone who worked on it. I took it as a sign that the finished video would be extraordinary.”

This colorful and steamy video was directed by Kacho López and Filmes Zapatero, based on a concept by Milena Pérez and Gabriel Cabra. Starring Awilda Sterling and Mariano Haddock, it was filmed at the Asere Restaurant in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

On July 7, iLe performed at the LAMC Showcase and on July 8 at SOB’s, with both concerts taking place in New York City. On July 10, she plays Philadelphia’s Nuevofest and July 14 at Chicago’s Millennium Park Music Series. For more information, visit

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