Dani Martin – “Las Ganas” Single Review


In preparation for a new album, Dani Martin releases 2-track single, “Las Ganas.”

Spanish singer-songwriter, Dani Martin is working on his new album and the first single from the album is called “Las Ganas” (The Win). This release will be his third solo album. The single released this past May on digital and streaming outlets. Featured with the song, “Las Ganas” is a ballad entitled, “Dibujas” (Drawings).

I first became aware of Dani Martin from his appearance on Alejandra Guzman’s Primera Fila concert. His appearance (for me) was unmemorable, but now that I have heard the new single, I am impressed. I didn’t give Dani Martin much time thought, and I put his music on the back burner, but now I think I must bring it forward.

Dani Martin Las Ganas impresses fans with first listen; we are listening!

“Las Ganas” is a rock-pop song, that leans more toward the rock than the pop. I am severely impressed with the song with the first listen. I have now noticed you, Dani Martin. If the album keeps with the same sound, I can forgive the slower tracks like “Dibujas.”

Dani’s rock roots can be found in his previous band, El Canto Del Loco, which disbanded in 2010. Dani Martin provided the lead vocals to the band and wow, I need more of them too. With “Las Ganas” and his previous work, I may just become a Dani fan. Does he have a fandom yet? Because I want to be in it!

We recommend Dani Martin Las Ganas to music lovers. It has a great beat, catchy lyrics, and makes you yearn for more. Give Dani Martin a listen and let’s get ready for the upcoming album by listening to the single here. Don’t forget to follow Dani on Twitter at @_danielmartin_

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