Ray Reyes and Rene Farrait Leave Menudomania Tour

os-menudo-reencuentro-concert-house-of-blues-20150507Menudo continues but two members leave all tours contracted by Menudomania Tour 2016

Today, both Ray Reyes and Rene Farrait announced via social media that they are no longer going to be a part of the Menudomania Tour 2016. Both members stated that they would stay with Menudo, and the concerts that the group Menudo has scheduled will remain.

Menudomania Tour is not part of the return of Menudo. The Menudomania Tour is a series of concerts that the include a reunion of various members from multiple generations. This tour originated in Miami at the first Menudo convention which Menudo, MDO, along with other guest stars showed up for a concert of epic proportions.

Details are not in yet, but the both confirmed that they would stay with Menudo. The two members will be at the concert in Monterrey, Mexico coming this September 10.

Menudo reunions shook up last August when Johnny Lozada and Ricky Melendez left El Reencuentro due to irreconcilable differences over finances. To keep the love for Menudo going, the four members of El Reencuentro announced Robert Avellanet to replace the leaving members. El Reencuentro became five and continued performing. They joined forces with In Miami Productions and the idea for a Menudo convention became a reality. Fans from around the world showed up to see Menudo and MDO (various members). Along with them were Ex-Menudos Rawy Torres, Jonathon Montenegro, and Ashley Ruiz. This reunion concert held the name Menudomania Forever Tour, the first of the Menudomania tours.

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