Dulce Maria – “No Se Llorar” Single Review


Ex-RBD, Dulce Maria releases next single “No Se Llorar” from upcoming album

How can you not love Dulce Maria’s new song, “No Se Llorar?” The song has everything you can want in a pop ballad. It’s almost a power ballad as it uses great percussion during the chorus. The music is powerful, and Dulce Maria’s voice has never been better.

Wow…that sums up the whole song in one paragraph. We must be done with the article, right? Wrong! Let’s talk Dulce Maria for a while. The song has been blowing up the charts in Mexico. The video is on heavy rotation on Ritmoson, which we use to find new artists. Dulce Maria is on her way back into the spotlight.

After her time in RBD, Dulce Maria released an EP called, Extranjera Primera Parte. Then released Extranjera Segunda Parte, which was a longer version of the first part. In 2013, Dulce Maria released her second full-length album, Sin Fronteras. Three years later and a much stronger voice, Dulce Maria returned with a ballad single, “Dejarte De Amar.” Now, another ballad, though much more powerful releases. “No Se Llorar” (I Don’t Know To Cry) is being called the first single to her upcoming album. This comment could mean that “Dejarte De Amar” might not be on the album.

“No Se Llorar” has everything you can want in a power ballad.

Dulce Maria was under fire this past April when ex-bandmate, Christopher Uckermann commented that an RBD reunion was impossible due to inflated egos and vanity. These remarks were geared toward Dulce Maria. Let’s just say that maybe some people have moved on. Think about Timbiriche reunions with Paulina. No one slurred ugliness around here. Or how about Maria Jose, who just left the Kabah reunion because her personal career needed to come first. Are the Kabah’s responded to hatefulness? No! I think Uckermann needs to keep his comments to himself.

The Ex-RBD member, Dulce Maria appears to be doing well for herself and with this new single, “No Se Llorar.” If this song is a prelude to the upcoming album, it is very anticipated. We will be on top of Dulce Maria’s next release.

Follow Dulce Maria on Twitter at @DulceMaria

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