Sidonie – “Carreteras Infinitas” Single Review

carreterasSidonie releases new single “Carreteras Infinitas”

It’s has been a long time since I have heard a song that makes me happy the instant I heard it. This is what happened this morning when turned on the new single from Sidonie. I fell in love instantly with “Carreteras Infinitas” (Endless Highways).

The band that hails from Barcelona, Spain classifies themselves as an alt-rock or psychedelic rock band. Their previous music solidifies that genre of music, though the new single doesn’t. “Carreteras Infinitas” is a catchy little pop tune that by the third listen, you are singing along with the chorus.

Tengo una chica y una pistola. Un crucero de placer. Carreteras infinitas. Y algún crimen que resolver. This translates to: I have a girl and a gun. A pleasure cruise. Endless roads. And a crime to solve.

Written by Marc Ros, the singer of the band, the song is a prelude to their upcoming seventh album. It speaks about young musicians hitting the open road and leaving their mark on a page of the history of rock music.

Like I said, there aren’t many songs that I hear that I fall in love with so fast, but with this track…I want more! With “Carreteras Infinitas,” it makes me crave the new album. This release will probably one of the most anticipated albums for me. If you are a pop music fan like I am, Sidonie’s new single will be something you need to hear. The chorus is catchy, the beats are fun, and I love the way the band spells out of the band’s name S-I-D-O-N-I-E to a stadium crowd. It’s brilliant.

Check out the song on Spotify and make them one of your new favorite bands, then follow them on Twitter at @sidonie_

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