Lali’s “Soy” exceeded 400K plays in days of it’s video debut


Lali “Soy” video seen by some, but not all fans

Last Friday, Pop singer, and idol, Lali Esposito surprised all her fans in with the release of her latest video, “Soy” (I Am). Within days of release, the video surpassed 400K views on YouTube. Sadly, the video was not available to watch in the US.

While I am not sure why Sony Music Argentina and Vevo has limited the countries allowed to view the video. This ban only hurts the artists. With the release of music worldwide, the ability to sell more music becomes global. Why penalize fans and music lover for living in other countries? With the open internet, fans from around the world can purchase music from anywhere. We are no longer limited to the music at our local record stores. Because of the shun by the label, the probability that more than half of Lali’s 4 million followers, were not allowed to watch the video.


Could that 400K that the label is considering excellent been 600K or even 1 million? Yes! Lali’s social media following is strong, and her fans are some of the most loyal and faithful fandoms around. Lali’s 4 million followers on Twitter and 2.6 million on Instagram prove that Lali is not just an Argentinian local artist. Her fan army is global, and she was recently ranked #34 on Billboard’s most active artists on social networks sites. She surpassed many major international figures. She also was mentioned on the cover of among trenders of the week.

Lali’s intense promotional tour in Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Spain proves that the video should be released globally.

Meanwhile, Lali prepares for four performances at Teatro Opera in Buenos Aires. These shows will mark the launch of her “Soy Tour.”

Become one of the Lali Followers on Twitter at @laliespos and @LaliMusica

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