Girl Power Returns with Bandana


Bandana returns to the stage and fans are excited

One of the biggest news stories for the weekend is the return of the Argentinian girl pop group, Bandana. Excited isn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings on the announcement. My love for pop music, especially girl groups, runs deep in the veins. No matter how much rock and new urban pop I listen to, I will always have a soft spot for bands like Bandana.

The girls set up a Twitter account under @BandanaLaVuelta and in the short time, they have already summoned over 6,000 fans to join their army. The group has been tweeting the countdown until their return. The group will be performing twelve sold out shows in Argentina at the Teatro Lola Membrives. Their first show will be on July 8, 2016. With their first set of shows selling out, the group added two more presentations at the prestigious theater.

For those who might not know who Bandana is, let me give you a little history. The group formed in 2001 when the trend for girl pop bands was hot. The girls auditioned for the reality TV show Popstars, which was like Making The Band in the US. Members consisted of Ivonne Guzmán, Lourdes Cecilia Fernández, Valeria Gastaldi, Virginia Da Cunha and María Elizabeth Vera.

Together, the group released three studio albums, a live album, a movie, and sold out tours throughout South America. Now, the band returns with four of the original members and from the preview the group released, I don’t think Ivonne will be all that missed. The group sounds just as good as they did when they began fifteen years ago. I sure hope that Bandana releases a live album from this reunion tour as fans in the US will not be able to attend.

It will be interesting to see if the girl reunite in the studio for a comeback album too.

Follow the Bandana reunion Twitter at @BandanaLaVuelta

And the girls at  Lourdes Cecilia Fernández, Valeria Gastaldi, Virginia Da Cunha and María Elizabeth Vera

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