Sofi Mayen – “Sutil” Single Review

cover600x600-5-7Sofi Mayen finally releases new single, “Sutil”

We read about this new single in 2014 on another website, but nothing seemed to have come from it. Finally, the new Sofi Mayen song has seen the light.

Released July 1st, 2016, “Sutil” is a beautifully sung ballad written by Sofi Mayen with Jay De La Cueva. De La Cueva is the creative mind behind the Mexican hairband, Moderatto. He also produced the song with Sofi Mayen, and Floria González directed the video for the song.

Sofi has been actively promoting the single over the last week. Bunker Producciones, who has been working with bands such as Belanova, Chetes, and Moderatto, released and distributed the song on streaming and download platforms.

In 2014, Sofi Mayen went on an interview to say that her new album, Sutil would release in the upcoming year and would contain eleven songs, all under the production of Jay De La Cueva. We hope this information is still valid and that the release of the actual album was on hiatus until she had the support, which she now has.

In less than a day, Sofi Mayen has already 10K listens on Spotify and that goes to show you that her fans are loyal and dedicated. The song embraces Sofi unique style. Fans of her previous musical works will enjoy the new song. We can’t want to see more for Sofi over the next couple of months as we hope that this is the first of many more singles or a full album as promised.

You can follow on Twitter at @soysofimayen

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