MDO – “Ya No Queda Mas” Single Review


“MDO is Back” with new single Ya No Queda Mas

Welcome back MDO! Glad to see that the boys are back and ready to take on the world. Their first single was released on YouTube for the fans to hear the new sound. “Ya No Queda Mas” has two versions, the urban remix, and a ballad version.

Written by founding MDO members Abel Talamántez, Didier Hernández, and Alexis Grullón, the song is along the same lines as classic hits like “Te Quiso Olvidar.” It’s the first single welcoming back the group under the artistic production of Abel Talamantez, but yet it is not available to stream or download on any of the major platforms.

MDO reunited last year for various tours in South American. They also took park in the Menudomania reunion that took place in February. Members of Menudo and MDO united for an incredible trip down memory lane for fans in Miami.

The single, “Ya No Queda Mas” is a beautiful ballad that proves that the members of MDO still have the chops on them as they did when they were younger, and the fans love them just the same. The ballad video shows a time lapse of various scenes with the group, from setting up the concert stage, the rehearsals. The urban video is just a photo of a fake 45rpm (seen above) while the song plays.

I don’t feel that MDO is promoting the single enough to make it popular. Since the song isn’t available for download or streaming as many indie artists do, I don’t see them even making any money off the song. While I can’t say anything negative about the song and the quality of music, I just don’t think MDO is making their name and come back known.

Abel Talamantez, known for his work with Kumbia Kings has enough experience in the industry that the return of MDO could and should become something more promoted. When you have all theses reunion tours happening with Mercurio, Magneto, and Kabah, fans of 90’s pop music expect MDO’s reunion to be huge.

You can follow MDO’s Twitter account at @MDOisback and check out the single on YouTube below

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