Lemongrass debuts in Top 10 Sales

X1nt6HQzKids reign with Lemongrass’s debut album

Mexico City – July 1, 2016

LemonGrass members made their debut in the National Top 10 at Mixup, Mexico’s biggest music chain. The group was ecstatic for the high volume of sales for their self-titled debut album.

The CD + DVD includes seven songs in Spanish and six subjects in English as well as 12 videos and fun tutorials which are great for kids.

Paula, Emiliano, Sophie, Yael, Ivanna, Nathan, and Jelly continue to conquer the hearts of their “Lemoners.” Their fan army consists of more than 80,000 follows. Their videos have generated more than 3.3 million views and more than 27 thousand subscribers on his VEVO channel. These are crazy numbers for a group that is just starting out.

The group will continue to promote their album throughout Mexico. One of those events will be their first time at a radio festival. On July 17, the group will perform at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City for the “Oye Anniversary” concert.

We recently reviewed the LemonGrass album. Check it out.

You can also listen to their album here

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