Patricia Manterola – “Alalaleo” Single Review


“Alalaleo” is Patricia Manterola’s summer breakout hit!

Popular Mexican pop singer, Patricia Manterola released her newest single digitally this past May. “Alalaleo” is her summer breakout hit that she is expected to promote. She debuted the song on the show, La Voz Kids, where is she is working as host with Telemundo. After the television debut, the single that includes five tracks released on streaming and digital download. The first song is the single, and the other four tracks are remixes by DJ Jose Spinnin. His other collaborations include Belanova, 3 Ball MTY, America Sierra, Yuri, Fey and Maya Karunna.

Patty (Patricia) Manterola says the song is inspired by the upcoming Olympics and represents pure positive energy in which the purpose is to make people want to dance just hearing the song makes you inspired to fight and fulfill their dreams.  “We decided to translate the lyrics of “Alalaleo,” what I think of life, positive attitude that is focused on the present is what helps you achieve any goal that you propose and what better example than Olympic athletes who are great teachers of that struggle.”

“Alalaleo” makes you inspired to fight and fulfill your dreams

Since her album Dejame Volar, Patty has been releasing music with smaller labels and just recently has gone totally indie. The release of “Alalaleo” might not be the summer hit that she hopes for with the lack of a physical CD and label. But Patty hasn’t stopped promoting herself and putting herself out there. With her work on “La Voz Kids,” she has come back into the living rooms of so many people. Keeping herself in front of so many people on such a big show will continually gain her fans. Let’s just hope these new fans will convert into downloads of her new music. With that, fans may be able to have a new album from Patty soon.

Her last studio album was in 2010 with the album Ya Termine, which was a fabulous album; but it lacked media and attention. The music (at this time) is not even available for streaming or digital download on iTunes in the States. Neither is her album, A Mis Reinas. Even if you go back further, none of her early albums are available either. This is not good for new fans who want to find out where she came from. As a dedicated follower of Patty’s musical career, it saddens me that these albums are not available to fans.

“Alalaleo” is a fun song that captures Patricia Manterola and what she represents. She has always had fun with her music, and this is one of those songs that you can have fun with. I like the remixes and hope that eventually, this single will have an EP on a physical format.

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