Mau Y Ricky – “Voy Que Quemo” Single Review

500x500 (2)Mau Y Ricky make their own music with “Voy Que Quemo.”

After writing music for other artists such as Thalia, Miguel Bose, and other, the music duo Mau Y Ricky decided to release “Voy Que Quemo,” the first single from their upcoming debut album.

They know pop music, and after adding a hint of the urban flair that is so popular at the moment, Mau Y Ricky has a hit on their hands. Sons of the romantic crooner, Ricardo Montaner, Mauricio, and Ricky Montaner are ready for the spotlight.

The single was released this past April, but the boys recently released the video for the song six days ago and had over half a million views on YouTube.

“Voy Que Quemo” by Mau Y Ricky is seriously addictive with a great beat.

Their upcoming album, Arte, will be published on the Sony Music label. They decided that “Voy Que Quemo” best represented their music and style. The album will contain 11 tracks with one of those being an instrumental song. Produced by Latin Grammy winner Julio Reyes Copello, who has worked with so many big names including Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Alejandro Sanz, the album has the backing for success.

The duo had written the song, “Arte” and was going to pitch it to the urban artist, Wisin, but decided to keep it for themselves. The have also thanked their father for being their toughest critic as music writers.

The song is seriously addictive and for me, it had a lot of the same feel that I get from the artists they write for, which is good. It has such a great beat and is so catchy. I find myself bouncing as I listen to the song while writing this review. Mau Y Ricky had the ability to see greatness in their career.

You can follow Mau Y Ricky on Twitter at @MauYRicky and add to the views of their video by watching it here.

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