Artist Spotlight: Love La Femme

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Who says good new music is hard to find? Not anyone on Daily, we continuously find new artists that surprise us because they are so much better than the over-saturated generic pop stars that work for the major record labels. Gone away are the days where you need a record deal. Gone are also the days of needing backing from any corporation. One, if you good people, will find you. Two, if they find you, they will pay for you. Love La Femme did just that.

Love La Femme took to crowdfunding to source the funds to produce their EP, press 180-gram vinyl, and film the video for their first single. And they succeeded!

The duo consisting of Marión Sosa, the voice behind the group, and Pablo Valero, on guitar and arrangements. Pablo’s experience from his time with Mexican rock band, Santa Sabina, has given the band a unique dynamic. Love La Femme has the essences of folk music, along with classic rock. This sound touches on a psychedelic 70’s vibe. This could be why the duo pushed to have their music released on vinyl.

The band is totally indie, not relying on the major record houses. They have been on the road touring with León Larregui on his US tour as the opening act and have been getting good reviews. The collaboration with Larregui carried over from their music video, “Hoy Me Desperte” (Today I Woke Up). Larregui directed the video for the song. He took this soft folk song and added his style of surrealism for a creative start to Love La Femme’s career.

The band’s refreshing and unique style make them one of the bands to watch for in the future. We are glad we found them and can’t wait to see what more Love La Femme will bring to the fans. And if by chance one of them reads this article, we would like to get one of the band t-shirts that Pablo Valero wore in concert. Size XL, please. But in all seriousness, Love La Femme has a bright future ahead of them, and we are glad to have found them at their beginnings.

Take a listen to them on Spotify and you can download one of their songs for free on their website. Follow them on Twitter at @lovelafemme_

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