Neleonard – “Coger Frio” Single Review

neleonardNeleonard prepares for debut album with first single

This morning, Elefant Records released the single and video to new pop/rock band, Neleonard. “Coger Frio” (Cathing Cold) tries to present everything that will represent the band’s first album that is due out in September.

The upcoming album, Las Causas Perdidas (The Lost Causes) will be released by Elefant Records this coming September. The album is a follow-up to Neleonard’s 2014 EP Agosto (August) and their 2015 two-track single “Casi Cuela” (Almost Strain).

The single, “Coger Frio” talks about what happens when the streets in 200ºC (which for us Americans is 395ºF).

The record label chose “Coger Frio” for the first single for a particular reason. They said, “It’s hard to condense everything from the album into one song, but “Coger Frio” certainly offer the most.”

If the album is anything like the single, I know I will become a fan. The song is fun, catchy lyrics, and a welcoming sound. My instincts from the first few listens are positive. It’s a great track, and I am looking forward to the whole album.

Neleonard hails from Barcelona, Spain. Band members include Laura Alonso, Elena Comas, Guille Rodríguez, Eloy Bernal and Pedro Señalada.

You can follow Neleonard on Twitter at @Neleonard_band

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