Leiva – “Sincericido” Single Review

download (7)“Sincericido” by Leiva is classic rock at its best

Today the newest single from Spanish singer-songwriter, Leiva has released on video streaming outlets and for digital downloads. “Sincericido” is the first new song in two years. Previously, Leiva released the album Polvora in 2014.

Leiva (José Miguel Conejo Torres) was the front man to the rock band, Pereza, for ten years before separating and going on his own. Pereza shined in the Rock en Español category along with bands like Hombres G, Radio Futura, and Andres Calamaro. This could be why that Leiva’s sound fits nicely within this genre too.

Leiva has continued to embrace a classic sound that doesn’t go out of style with “Sincericido.”

I am new to Leiva as an artist and with my first listen I immediately identified him as a combination of Hombres G and Enanitos Verdes. Go figure that in my research I found that his previous work included collaborations with those rock icons.

The song “Sincericido” has an inviting sound and if you are a fan of the 90’s alt-rock scene, Leiva will be right up your alley. The guitars are not too hard; there are nice rhythms and equal bass. Leiva has continued to embrace a classic sound that doesn’t go out of style.

Leiva’s debut solo album Diciembre received nods from Grammy and awards from Rolling Stone magazine. The single “Sincericido” has the same quality and caliber as that album. If Leiva’s next album continues with the same sound, it is possible to see similar success.

You can follow Leiva on Twitter at @Leiva_Oficial

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