Urband 5 – “Como Eh” Single Review

ee424b4e95422e4626daf26f2226a4ca814c11eaUrband 5 releases “Como Eh” to a wider audience under Warner Music Latina

They last time we took a listen to the Mexican Boyband, Urband 5, the group was indie and promoting their single, Viernes. A year later, the five guys have signed with Warner Music Latina and have two next single. The most current single the group is promoting is this year’s, “Como Eh”

The song has been out for less than a month but is already burning up the listens on Spotify and the official video is doing well on YouTube. What a wonder it is to have the backing of a major label on your side. The group has upped their game with the new label behind them though their Twitter account still feels like teenagers run it.

No matter who runs their social media, it doesn’t change the fact that Urband 5 has released a single that embraces the styles that are relevant to Top 40 pop charts. While this can be both good and bad for the members of Urband 5, I think that Warner Music’s influence on them might elevate them to the higher playing field.

The band has now identified as an urban pop dance group, rather than a typical boyband. The group’s previous releases, “The One” and “Viernes” embraced the true essence of a pop boy band without the urban hype. Sadly, the have fallen into the trap of major label creativity.

“Como Eh” has everything to make a number one hit for Urband 5

When you’re indie, and you are releasing music on your own, these are the singles that define who you are. This sound was why I enjoyed Urband 5’s “Viernes” so much. Now with the corporate takeover, I think that the higher aboves have told them to make it worldwide, you need to leave the sweetness behind and move to a more edge city sound.

“Como Eh” has everything to make a number one hit in the universal Top 40 world, but they also become just a glorified group trying to fight for airplay. The song has a pretty decent dance beat and with a couple of remixes, the song could go over well in nightclubs.

I am still looking forward to listening to a full album from Urband 5, which I think will come sooner than later with Warner Music.

You can follow Urband 5 on Twitter at @urbandfive

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