Shakira & Carlos Vives – “La Bicicleta” Single Review


Shakira collaboration will featured on Carlos Vives’ upcoming album

Before the official song released to audiences, a clip of the song was leaked online but they claimed it wasn’t the finished version. That doesn’t matter much now that the song is here. Carlos Vives and Shakira’s chemistry on this duet fits nice and snug within Vives’s repertoire.

I love the cover art from the single; it gives the feeling of an old vinyl record. They probably shot it at the same time the video filmed. They filmed “La Bicicleta” video between both Columbian’s hometowns: Barranquilla (Shakira) and Santa Marta (Vives).

“La Bicicleta” begins with the beautiful sound from a flauta de millo (a Columbian wind instrument), but then the reggaeton beats begins. It combines the sounds that Carlos Vives fans love, and Shakira’s has been leaning toward recently. The catchy chorus has allowed the song to climb to the top of the Latin charts to the #1 spot.

Shakira Carlos Vives have over 5 million plays on Spotify for “La Bicicleta.”

We are not huge fans of Carlos Vives but have supported Shakira since her early days. But with that said, we still the song is fun. I can see why the song has over 5 million listens on Spotify alone. These plays don’t count the million plus views to the official lyric video released on YouTube. The official video filmed in May has not yet released. Be sure that it will surpass the numbers already achieved.

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