Lasso – “Diferente” Single Review


lasso“Diferente” is definitely different for singer Lasso

Venezuela pop singer, Lasso has been promoting his newest single “Diferente” since he was signed with Universal Music this year. Also with this signing, the record album reissued his 2012 release Sin Otro Sentido on streaming and digital outlets. This album will help promote the grown-up image of this up and coming pop star.

The new song and its video already have 2.5 million views on YouTube. I can see why because the song is addictive. I recently found Lasso on iTunes with his album and decided to give his music a listen. Between this new song and his indie music from 2012, “Diferente” will be what puts Lasso on the charts.

Lasso’s individuality will be a good stepping stone to mainstream with backing by major label

The song is unique and has a great vibe to it. It is refreshing that new pop artists are coming out without influences from the urban stylings. “Diferente” chooses a road without hype and focuses on good fun music that makes you want to dance. Lasso’s voice works well with the song, and I can’t wait to hear more from him, especially now that he has signed with Universal Music. The video to the song features Lasso on stage at a nightclub; that isn’t what makes the video cool.

There is an underlying story with the video. It starts with a young man playing the guitar, his friends are all dressed in suits and are good looking. He is obviously the odd one of his crowd. The same with a girl in the video. She is in her room, and her beautiful friends want to take her out. She is the ugly duckling of her group. Both the guys and girls go to the club where Lasso is performing. Both the girl and the guy notice each other in the room, and there is a chemistry between them. That chemistry is because they are both “different”, and this is what the song identifies. Being unique and different isn’t always a bad thing.

I think that this single will be a good stepping stone for Lasso because he is unique and different with his song choices, his vocals, and his image. All of which I think will gain his further success with his new record label.

You can follow Lasso on Twitter at @LassoMusica

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