90’s Rap Group, Calo Prepares For Their Comeback


Ponte Atento! Calo returns with partnership with Bobo Producciones

Today is a momentous occasion for fans of the pop-rap group, Calo. This morning it was announced that the group has signed a deal with Bobo Producciones for their comeback. And already fans are flocking to their Twitter page to welcome them back to the stage.

Bobo Producciones is the agency owned by the OV7 member, Ari Borovoy. The company has been working hard on bringing pop artists to the stage and has founded many new acts, including Lemongrass. There touch to the return of 90’s artists has been significant with the comeback of groups like Jeans, Reik, and even Kabah. It is exciting to see another group of the 90’s making their return.

Calo during their reign was unlike any other group out there. They took a genre that hadn’t had much exposure in Mexico and made it mainstream. Calo’s rap tune, “Capitan” shot to number one on the charts next to the boybands like Magneto’s “Vuela Vuela”.

Over the years, Calo has experimented with dance music and even ballads with the album “Sin Miedo.” Ultimately, the group has been a hip-hop rap group before it was even popular. The group’s six studio album have sold millions of copies combined and with the help of Bobo Producciones, can sell even more.

The original members of the group, Claudio, Maya, Maria, and Gerardo, are joined by Cesar or (On-C), a dancer, rapper, and choreographer. Cesar takes the place of Andres Castillo. Together the five members of the group have been working hard with intense choreography and vocal work to great an even better Calo for the fans of today.

The new markets are a lot pickier when it comes to music and style, Calo’s return to the stage will be tough. We at PopEnEspañol are excited to see what is to come for Calo and look forward to new music from the group.

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