Maria Jose & Ivy Queen Promote Girl Power In New Single


Maria Jose takes to Reggaeton to talk about female empowerment

Teaming up with Ivy Queen, the queen of pop Maria Jose released the single, “Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda”. The song talks about female empowerment and gender violence against women. Talk about girl power.

“Songs that are foolish with lyrics that don’t respect us.” and “We are more than sex with a pair of tits and a sexy body.” These lyrics are what Maria Jose and Ivy Queen are trying to promote with the duet which debuted on the Top 10 of the Latin pop charts.

Mexican pop star, Maria Jose, and Puerto Rican urban star, Ivy Queen have a lot of chemistry with the song and the video. I wasn’t fond of La Josa (Maria Jose) succumbing to the urban flair as it seems all artists are doing nowadays. But, the more I listen to the song, the more I understand why Maria Jose chose to venture to the dark urban dark side. To promote a song of magnitude, she needed to be able to reach a larger audience. Working with Ivy Queen allowed Maria Jose, who is more of a Gay icon than a household name, to spread her message to people outside of the gay clubs.

Maria Jose keeps it real with Ivy Queen’s urban influence

Now, I don’t think that the general public sits and listens to the lyrics anymore and find prolific meanings, especially ones that are hitting you in the face. People today just want a good beat, it doesn’t matter what is discussed. This lack of interest is why male artists can get away with releasing songs with lyrics that treat women as sex objects. If people cared, there would be a bigger stance against it.

While I appreciate Maria Jose’s campaign on gender violence, it doesn’t help that she is featured in very short shorts and wiggles her butt around. It just sexualizes the song, but it does say that females can look good in a skirt without being a sex object.

As far as the song…while I dislike the urban styles, I like this song because I think  Maria Jose keeps it real with her pop image while adding that urban influence. I just hope that her next album goes back to the club music that she has become known for and has perfected.

Follow Maria Jose on Twitter at @lajosa and Ivy Queen at @IvyQueenDiva

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